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What Our Customers Have to Say

Kelsey V.


Other teachers have already asked me where I got it from. Thank you for creating something that is lightweight and easy to use.

William P.


I am an old man, I live alone. Thought I should buy this, I bought this and it stays behind my couch in the living room. The feel very secured knowing its right here if and when I need it.



Great family option for SHTF. Easiest carrier to put on in a hurry of any I've seen. Light and mobile. Inexpensive insurance for all family members.

Certified by the National Institute of Justice

We’re proud to say our armor is tested and officially certified by the National Institute of Justice and is included on the US government’s official website. Not all companies can say the same, in fact, many say their products are tested, BUT they’re most likely NOT approved by the NIJ. With ProtectAgainst, you can rest assured our products are the real deal.

NIJ Tested and Certification

Protection For Everyone

At ProtectAgainst, we're on a mission to make ballistic protection accessible to everyone. We believe in quality without compromise, ensuring that you and your loved ones can stay safe at an affordable price.

Our user-friendly products are designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily life, providing peace of mind without added burden. We're not just selling items; we're building a community focused on personal safety.

Join us in creating a safer world for all, one affordable solution at a time. Thank you for choosing ProtectAgainst as your trusted partner in safety. Your safety is our commitment.

Meet the ProtectVest

Keeping Safety Simple

Easy to Wear

Put on ProtectVest in under 10 seconds with easy to use elastic waist straps and hook & loop system.

One Size Fits Most

Adjustable shoulder straps for easy wear with many body types.

Choose Your Protection

Level IIIA for handgun protection or Level III for higher threats are both available.

Top-Loaded Plate System

Easy loading and removal of panels for switching protection levels or maintenance.

Free & Fast Shipping

Get free shipping on orders over $150

Quality Assured

Carefully designed and rigorously tested.

No Compromises

ProtectAgainst gear is built to save lives.

Secure Payment

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