ProtectPlate® - 10"x12" NIJ Level III Armor Plate

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ProtectPlate® - 10"x12" NIJ Level III Armor Plate

Made in USA + NIJ Tested Badges

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Military personnel, law enforcement, and other uniformed individuals often find themselves in risky situations and environments where threats can come without warning, which is why having reliable body armor that offers the most coverage is crucial.

Meeting level III standards set by the National Institute of Justice, The ProtectPlate® Level III plate offers advanced protection that shields against rifle rounds. Designed to shield against common threats encountered by military personnel and law enforcement officers, this lightweight body armor plate doesn't compromise safety or mobility. Its lightweight protection is ideal for different scenarios, whether in the field or in training. This plate offers the assurance needed to face potential threats head-on.

Unmatched Durability and Protection
Engineered to withstand common threats, this level III body armor plate is a fortress in itself. Its mild steel core offers against rifle threats up to a 7.62 mm FMJ steel jacketed bullets. With its durability, ensuring that protectors can rely on it in many different scenarios.

Enhanced Mobility
The ProtectPlate® shooters cut plate is designed to aid mobility. Pair it with a trusted plate carrier and you have a robust armor system that safeguards your life while allowing you to move freely — a crucial factor in high-pressure situations.

Versatility for Various Users
The ProtectPlate® is a great addition to your tactical gear as it's not just for the battlefield. The adaptability of this armor system extends to civilians seeking lightweight protection. Its design fits a range of plate carriers, making it suitable for diverse applications.


NIJ Ballistic Protection Levels and Associated Test Threats


Features & Benefits: 

  • NIJ Level III Hard Armor: Tested to protect against rifle threats up to a 7.62 mm FMJ steel jacketed (SJ) round.
  • Standard Shooters Cut: For ease of use and compatibility with most standard plate carriers.
  • Lightweight Spall Coated Steel: For durable and long-lasting protection.

Product Specifications:

  • Armor panel size: 10”x12” Shooters Cut
  • Armor material: Lightweight steel with 600-630 Brinnell Hardness rating
  • Weight: 7lbs
  • Thickness: 0.75"