ProtectPanel® Level IIIA Rectangle Bulletproof Backpack Insert

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Size: 8" x 5" (Small Handbags & Slings)
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ProtectPanel® Level IIIA Rectangle Bulletproof Backpack Insert

Made in USA + NIJ Tested Badges

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Making sure that your loved ones are safe and secure has never been more important than today, with public spaces and everyday environments facing increasing safety challenges. The ProtectPanel® Level IIIA Rectangle Bulletproof Backpack Insert offers an innovative solution for discreetly enhancing security in everyday situations.

Ideal for transforming any regular backpack into a bulletproof backpack, this soft armor insert provides level IIIA protection, the highest level of protection certified by the National Institute of Justice for body armor not involving rifle protection. Its versatility means it can be seamlessly integrated into a child’s backpack — not to mention various slings and handbags — giving parents peace of mind knowing their child carries bulletproof backpack armor.

Lightweight and Flexible
Designed to enhance personal safety, the ProtectPanel® transforms any ordinary everyday carry into discreet protective body armor. It’s always ready to provide critical protection but is virtually unnoticed by the wearer, thanks to advanced IIIA soft armor materials that don't add unnecessary weight to a child’s backpack or a professional's briefcase.

Durable and Versatile
The ProtectPanel® bulletproof backpack insert can withstand multiple impacts, offering long-lasting protection without compromising the integrity of the soft armor. Its adaptable nature allows for use in a variety of settings, from a child’s backpack to an adult's daily carry — you get peace of mind with minimal effort, knowing that you are prepared and safe in any situation.

Easy to Use
This convenient bulletproof insert has a design that allows for quick and straightforward placement into any backpack or bag, without the need for specialized equipment or training — even a child can do it! An uncomplicated approach to personal security, the ProtectPanel® bulletproof backpack armor offers everyone — from school children to professionals — peace of mind in their daily lives.

  NIJ Ballistic Protection Levels and Associated Test Threats  
Features and Specifications:
  • Dimensions: Varies
  • Lightweight: Only 1.5 lbs.
  • Designed to fit regular and children's backpacks, purses, and larger bags
  • Rectangular shape for compatibility
  • Tested to NIJ0101.06 Level IIIA standards
  • Durable Nylon Covering 
  • Easy care and maintenance