Keeping Safety Simple


With shootings on the rise, there should be a way to protect yourself. It’s time to take safety into your own hands.


What makes ProtectVest different?

ProtectVest was made for normal people - people like you and me, who end up at the wrong place at the wrong time.


Why Should You Choose ProtectVest?

Trusted Safety

Our ballistic material is NIJ Tested and Certified so you can rest assured that you’re protected with only the best armor.


Extremely lightweight so that you can move around quickly and freely. It’s also easy to wear and keep on while out and about.

Fast and Easy-to-Use

Our super simple vest is easy and fast to put on so you can save precious time in situations you are most likely to panic. Just throw it over your head and attach the side straps, all in under a few seconds.

Portable and Easy to Store

Folds flat and compact so it’s easily within reach anywhere you go. You can easily keep a ProtectVest with you or store it anywhere - in your car, home, work, or anywhere else you are.


With adjustable straps, the ProtectVest can fit any body size from X-Small to X-Large. For even smaller builds, check out our specially designed ProtectVest Mini- Perfect for kids!


Durable materials and construction for long term storage and use, so you can count on using ProtectVest for a long time.

Unique Top-Loading System

The simple plate load design allows for use of the panels that come with ProtectVest or you can use your own.

Lifetime Support

Our knowledgeable staff is always available to answer any questions you may have about ProtectVest.

ProtectVest is Built to Last

Check out Goldenwebb’s ProtectVest stress test by firing multiple rounds of bullets against it.

Which level of protection should I choose?

There are a few options when it comes to choosing the level of protection you want. Here’s brief breakdown of the options available:

Bulletproof Zone ProtectVest : Fast & Easy NIJ Level IIIA Bulletproof Vest - Flatlay view



Lighter, flexible and more comfortable to wear, but it offers limited protection - up to handgun and lower velocity rounds.

• 10x12 Soft Armor Plates
• 2.5 lbs Loaded Vest Weight


Level III


Offers protection against more higher velocity weapons such as AK-47’s and rifles, but are much heavier.

• 10x12 Hard Armor (UHMWPE) Plates
• 15 lbs Loaded Vest Weight




An extremely lightweight option for level III hard armor. Weighing at just 3.5 lbs per plate. No compromises.

• 10x12 Hard Armor (UHMWPE) Plates
• 7 lbs Loaded Vest Weight


This is a very important consideration since you’ll be sacrificing some mobility and speed if you want higher level protection. 

With ProtectVest, you can also switch out any of our hard and soft armor plates depending on the situation.

“Do you have smaller vests for children?”

Yes! In fact, ProtectVest is one of the few options when it comes to smaller children-friendly bulletproof vests.

Our Protection-For-Life Guarantee*

While we hope you’ll never need to use ProtectVest, we stand behind our product 100% should you ever come into harm’s way while wearing it. 

That’s why every ProtectVest is backed by our Protection-For-Life Guarantee*.

In the unfortunate case that your ProtectVest is damaged by gunfire while you are wearing it, we will replace it FREE of charge - FOR LIFE!

We’re so sure you’ll want to keep the ProtectVest with you wherever you are - forever and always. That’s why we’re backing our product for life.

What Customers Have to Say

Paul C.

Lightweight and Easy to Use

I held a protest and feared aggression or violence. I borrowed a military grade vest with ceramic plates (very heavy) and my neighbor used the bulletproof vest. We loved it's lightness and ability to fit anyone in my group. Nobody shot at us but we were threatened (I paid for private security).


Simple, Lightweight, Comfortable, Affordable

Great family option for SHTF. Easiest carrier to put on in a hurry of any I've seen. Light and mobile. Inexpensive insurance for all family members. The only downside is no side coverage--but that would reduce mobility.

Kelsey V.

Great Product!

"Other teachers have already asked me where I got it from. Thank you for creating something that is lightweight and easy to use."