ProtectVest® Covert - Emergency Bulletproof Vest

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Protection Level: NIJ Level IIIA (Weighs up to 3lbs)
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ProtectVest® Covert - Emergency Bulletproof Vest

Made in USA + NIJ Tested Badges

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Fast Deployment | Durable | Lightweight | Adjustable | Portable | Simple

Concerns about personal safety have never been more urgent than in these uncertain times, giving rise to the increasing demand for reliable protection.
In answer to such demand, we developed the ProtectVest® Concealable Body Armor — that secures your safety without drawing attention.

Discreet Protection
Unlike overt bulletproof vests, the ProtectVest® covert armor provides inconspicuous ballistic protection that allows wearers to blend seamlessly into their surroundings while staying safe from potential threats. Easily concealable, this low profile body armor can be worn under street clothes. Ideal for undercover operations, you can throw it on in as little as five seconds, put a t-shirt over it, and you can confidently walk through public spaces without feeling conspicuous or vulnerable. 

Comfortable Mobility
Wearer comfort is one of the advantages of the ProtectVest® concealable bulletproof vest. It provides unrestricted mobility during everyday activities without sacrificing protection. Crafted with Moisture-wicking Cordura fabric and featuring adjustable velcro straps, the vest offers a snug yet comfortable fit so you can go about your day with ease. Are you performing your duties, commuting to work, or simply going about daily routines? With the ProtectVest® covert, you are fully aware that you are protected without the discomfort normally caused by other ballistic vests. 

Versatile Usability
The ProtectVest covert bulletproof vest caters to a wide range of users, be they professionals in high-risk environments to civilians in urban settings. Its versatile design makes it suitable for scenarios such as travel, leisure, and professional engagements.

Whether worn under clothing or as a standalone outer carrier for protective ballistic panels, its discreet profile and adaptable features make it indispensable for anyone who wants to stay safe in today’s unpredictable environments.

NIJ Ballistic Protection Levels and Associated Test Threats

    Features & Benefits: 

    • Top-Loaded Plate System: Soft bulletproof panels slide straight down into the carrier.
    • Hook and Loop System: Velcro straps shut as easily as fastening a shoe.
    • Elastic shoulder and waist straps: Bulletproof panel adjusts over your torso in a matter of seconds.
    • Durable 600D Cordura Fabric: Carrier holds up and stays strong for years.

    Armor Options:

    • NIJ Level IIIA Soft Armor Panels: Offers protection against handgun threats up to a .44 mag while being lightweight at 3 lbs.
    • NIJ Level III Lightweight Armor: Crafted with UHMWPE, providing enhanced protection at just 8 lbs.
    • NIJ Level III Hard Armor: Built with AR500 steel core, with a Brinnell Hardness Rating of 505-518BHN, offering multiple hit capability at 15 lbs.

    Product Specifications:

    • Armor panel size (front and back): 10”x12”
    • Loaded Vest Weight: 3 lbs. (Level IIIA); 8 lbs (Level IIIA lightweight); 15 lbs. (Level III)
    • Carrier material: 600D Cordura Fabric
    • Tested to the NIJ0101.06 Level IIIA and Level III standards
    • One size fits M-XL